What my clients say about me...

I am grateful and honored to work with my wonderful group of clients over the years. They have helped me grow as a professional and as a person. I shared their journey of buying their first home and buying their next home as the family grew.  I am very, very grateful to have the opportunity to assist my clients through their different stages of their lives. 

Grace Chiu

This was our second time purchasing a home with Susan and we highly recommend her. Susan is an excellent negotiator, pragmatic and transparent. She is lock step with her clients from the initial viewing, making offer(s) to closing and possession. Susan's kind professional demeanour makes what can be a stressful and nerve wrecking experience into an easy to understand milestone moment in your life.

Anderson Li

Susan is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and will work miracles for you. Susan works with experience and integrity. We couldn't have brought our home without her. Can't recommend her enough!

Annette Afonso

We have worked with Susan many times. She is honest, thorough, hard working, patient, kind & compassionate. She has always done very well by our family, going above and beyond and keeping us informed every step of the way. No b.s., super professional and always has her clients best interests as seller or buyer in mind.

Linda Werner

I’m extremely grateful for Susan’s work on my behalf; she made it possible for a newbie like myself to process the information needed to sell in Vancouver’s market, and to feel good about the process. She is honest and conscientious, follows through when she says she will, and she enjoys the challenges that arise. At no point did I feel pressured to accept an offer. She has a gift for negotiation, which means she also keeps a seller’s feet firmly on the ground in determining what is a fair and possible to ask. As a great and consistent communicator, she made the process enjoyable and I recommend her undoubted expertise in the Vancouver market to anyone needing a realtor, especially at this difficult market time. Thank you, Susan!

Marcus Mann

I have worked with Susan for over 5 years now and she has helped me and my family get into condos in river district. Susan has a great knowledge of the market and really spends the time with you to find the perfect home for you and your family. Highly recommend to use Susan in your next real estate purchase.

Chris Levelton

We have had the pleasure of using Susan for several real estate deals. She is the most thorough and professional person I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. She was always had the research and information required to both make me comfortable, as well as to be able to support the selling or purchase price. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to purchase or sell real estate consider using Susan to make your experience enjoyable and profitable.

Alex Woo

Susan recently helped my wife and I purchase our first pre-sale detached home in Vancouver and we couldn't be more grateful for her help. She used her vast network to connect us with a developer and helped negotiate the place to fit within our budget - even amidst the current competitive housing market conditions which made us very impressed! Even after papers were signed for the initial deal, Susan was very thorough in keeping us up to date on progress up until we moved into the house.

I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to buy and/or sell and can't say enough about how amazing she is at her job!

M. Aguilar

Susan assisted me during my first purchase in Canada back in 2018. As a recent immigrant, I had lots of questions about the process of how to research an area, find something within my budget, and also applying for a mortgage. Luckily, Susan guided me through the ordeal and 5 years later, she provided valuable information on a second property. This time, her advice was accurate on how to leverage my existing assets and take advantage of the ideal pre-sale property. I do not have any issues endorsing her if you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your existing property.

Yanna Martinek

Susan helped my parents buy and sell their home and helped me find my first home. She is patient with the process (it took me years), personable and warm. She has a way of making me feel like family!

Christopher Khoo

We interviewed several realtors to sell our South Van home and the clear choice was Susan Ninow. Beyond providing a full scope of services, Susan helped us determine the optimum selling price, gave us a timeline of events from beginning to end and most importantly, guided us on choosing the right buyer for our property. Also, her years of experience and her ability to skillfully negotiate for the best outcome resulted in an extremely successful sale.

Her work ethic was incomparable, she kept us informed at every stage from beginning to end with emails, phone calls and in person. She had our interest ahead of anyone else. She went beyond her duty to sell the house and even provided us with help(through her contacts) to clear and clean up the house after the sale.

All paperwork was streamlined and efficient using the latest electronic signature technology. It was a “privilege” to have Susan as our realtor because she made the whole process simple for us. I guess her track record speaks for itself, but she clearly proved it to us. Susan was the right choice.

Daniel Somerfield

Susan fights fiercely to look out for you. She is super responsive day or night. She and Alex worked together to find us a great townhouse in Poco. Thank you Susan and Alex!

Andrew Peng

Susan was incredibly supportive and attentive. She was with us every step of the way from selling our previous house to finding our new home. It was a pleasure working with Susan!

Steve & Geraldine Szabo

We have had great pleasure in working with Susan over many years both buying and selling real-estate, especially working with Susan on residential investment properties. We relied heavily on Susan's market knowledge and expertise, especially with certain markets in metro Vancouver that she is very experienced with. She saved us from making some potentially serious investment mistakes: Susan successfully guided us into opportunities that had fantastic outcomes. On the buying side, she was instrumental in fitting our budget and the demographic we were targeting. On sell side, we enjoyed the process of staging our condos, going through showings, leading up to quality offers and ultimately closed sales. Susan has a very high level of integrity, and we have developed a great relationship with a high level of trust over the years. Thank you, Susan, for saving us from making potentially big mistakes, for our successes together, and for your great attention to details making transactions very simple for us. You are a great partner.

Tara Hansen

Susan (and her associate/daughter, Alex) helped us to purchase our first home recently. We felt totally overwhelmed by the process, especially during a potentially non-ideal market. However with Susan's support and advice, we are absolutely ecstatic about the home that we have bought! They were both always there for us whenever we had questions and made the whole process seamless. Thank you so much, Susan and Alex! Honestly couldn't have done it without you.


First time hiring Susan on the back of a great referral from an A lender mortgage broker. Susan successfully sold our Yaletown condo during in a very challenging market within a very short period of time. Susan was very helpful the whole way and we will be using her again. I have worked with a lot of realtors and I highly recommend Susan if you are considering selling your home. She is great and my wife and I had a great time working with her!

Alexander Jettel

Susan has gone above and beyond to ensure the best value is attained for her clients. We are very impressed how she was always proactive, organized and responsive throughout the home buying process. We greatly appreciate her resourcefulness and outstanding customer care which kept us well-informed and supported us in making sound decisions.

Valerie Tartavel

It was my first apartment purchase with very little knowledge of the process. Susan supported me through all the steps. She was always proactive. An outstanding customer care from the beginning to the end while supporting me with the information I needed to make the decision that fit me. She also provided me with references for the mortgage broker, lawyer, and insurance that I ended up deciding to go with, and I have been really happy with my choices so far. If you are looking for a realtor, I couldn't recommend Susan more!

Jo G.

If I could give 10 out of 5 stars I would! I absolutely loved working with Susan - she was incredibly responsive and pulled the offer together quickly and seamlessly. The experience of buying my own home was positive and exciting - I know this can sometimes be a stressful time, but I can honestly say that I felt stress free. Susan's thoroughness and efficiency assured me that I was in good hands. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Her expertise, warmth and diligence is sure to impress you, as it did me :) I know who I will go to in future for these bigger life transitions. Thank you for going above and beyond Susan, I love my dream home!

Linda Werner

I’m extremely grateful for Susan’s work on my behalf; she made it possible for a newbie like myself to process the information needed to sell in Vancouver’s market, and to feel good about the process. She is honest and conscientious, follows through when she says she will, and she enjoys the challenges that arise. At no point did I feel pressured to accept an offer. She has a gift for negotiation, which means she also keeps a seller’s feet firmly on the ground in determining what is a fair and possible ask. As a great and consistent communicator she made the process enjoyable and I recommend her undoubted expertise in the Vancouver market to anyone needing a realtor, esp at this difficult market time. Thank you Susan!

V. Ip and A. Jettel

Susan has gone above and beyond to ensure the best value is attained for her clients. We are very impressed how she was always proactive, organized and responsive throughout the home buying process. We greatly appreciate her resourcefulness and outstanding customer care which kept us well-informed and supported us in making sound decisions.

J.K. Dhillon, RPN & E.K. Wyly, PHD

Dear Contestant,

Are you ready? Are you prepared to enter the Hunger Games competition of the Vancouver real estate market? You’re going to need help to survive. When house prices are measured relative to local incomes, the Vancouver metropolitan region is the third most expensive place on the planet (behind Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia). Often we jump ahead of Sydney to be the world’s second most pricey spot. In this town, finding the right home is a dream, and a nightmare. You’ll need a guide.

There are more than twelve thousand realtors in this region, but there’s only one name you should consider: Susan Ninow.

We’ve only been involved in three real estate transactions in our lives, but each has marked a major turning point in family circumstances and planning for the future; in turn, this meant that any realtor working with us had to work hard. Perhaps you, dear reader, are a billionaire investor for whom this market is easy to navigate with higher bids to get anything you want; not for us. Getting the right home here has required a lot of patience and planning, and looking at quite a few different kinds of properties across many different neighbourhoods. Susan has been our guide through each of these transitions.

Ever since we met her more than a dozen years ago through the recommendation of a close, trusted friend and colleague, we’ve gained ever deeper appreciation for Susan’s skill, patience, and unparalleled strategic sophistication in helping you find just the right place in a complex, competitive landscape. She listens. She really listens, carefully, to understand what you need. She works hard for you. She is patient when you need time and space to evaluate alternatives, yet she is lightning when necessary to respond to speedy shifts in local market conditions or to negotiate the finer points of a particular transaction. She knows the market: you could spend endless hours late at night sifting through hundreds or thousands of MLS entries, or you could learn much more in a ten-minute conversation as Susan narrates historical development patterns and the latest trends in the region, across B.C. and Canada, and the varied transnational ties that shape this fascinating, dynamic comer of the world. Her knowledge of the regional market is so vast that you can trust every aspect of her advice: in every neighbourhood, on every street, she is able to give you the most detailed assessment of the suitability of a particular home for your needs — right now, as well as in the near future when, for example, yet another round of rezoning a few blocks away will yet again reshuffle the landscape of property speculation, land assemblies, and condo tower construction in this turbulent metropolis.

Get ready for your journey, your adventure, your magical mystery tour of the joys and fears of Vancouver real estate. You’re going to need a guide, a counselor, perhaps even a therapist. You’re going to need Susan Ninow.


M. Kohn

Susan recently helped us sell our family home. Her knowledge of the market and professionalism are second to none. She also showed a genuine interest in ensuring that we were comfortable with a process that was new to us. She also went the extra mile to make sure our dog was taken care of every step of the way. She even went to the extent of arranging a walk for him during a showing. Because of all of these attributes, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you are in need of a realtor.

Dr. P. Mooney

Susan did a great job marketing my older half-duplex in Mount Pleasant. There were lots of visitors at the open house and we had three offers the following day. Her advice and guidance during the selling process was invaluable. She was willing to discuss issues as they arose and deal with them promptly and always with a smile, and as a result each step of the process was smooth. I enjoyed working with Susan and am happy to recommend her. She gets results!


The prospect of buying my first home was an intimidating task, to say the least. Coupled with a global pandemic and notorious Vancouver market; I didn’t even know where to begin. Working with Susan Ninow not only alleviated any stress I had, but made the entire process of finding my perfect home an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Susan was recommended to me through an industry friend for her reputation, success, and personability. These qualities were immediately evident upon meeting Susan for the first time. Susan took the time to first listen and then ask about characteristics that were important to me. She noted my unique parameters as a shift worker and EV owner and called upon her industry expertise to recommend locations and building features that I would have not thought of myself. Together, we explored multiple communities and buildings and I always felt listened to and patience from Susan until we finally struck the perfect unit.

From beginning to end of our journey Susan was proactive in her approach. Once an offer was made, I could always count on her to provide me with the latest updates, detailing and walking me through each step. She was always available and just a call/text away – ready to calm any questions or concerns I had.

I recommend Susan Ninow to any, and everyone, looking for a passionate, knowledgeable, and committed realtor to help find your perfect home!

Dr. K. McNagny & Dr. Y. Valdez

Dear Susan,

Just a quick note to say “Thank you so much!” for helping us with the sale of our house and purchase of the new house. Yanet and I had been dreading the process of selling and buying like the plague. Especially with a market as volatile as the housing market in Vancouver has been over the past year. Every time we considered selling our house or talked to an agent we walked away feeling completely apprehensive. Until we had the good fortune of meeting you, that is.

We can’t thank you enough for giving us the best, timely advice at every step in the process. From picking the right time, to making the right preparations, choosing the right people to work with, dealing with the unexpected opportunities and avoiding the potential problems, you were always there to give us the best possible advice and making sure we stayed on track.

I never dreamed we’d sell our house with multiple offers and for more than the asking price in less than a week! And then to find such a great new house immediately afterwards was just a dream-come-true.

Thanks for all the help, the daily web updates, the instant phone calls when a hot item came on the market, for being a tireless advocate and, most of all, for the friendship. It has truly been a joy to work with you.

All the best

N. Eastman

A letter of Recommendation

It was because of a high recommendation that we met with Susan to discuss selling our home. We were very impressed with Susan’s professionalism and had no hesitation in choosing her as our realtor that day. 

There are a number of ways in which Susan’s service has stood out from the rest: 

Excellent marketing

As Susan explained, the first 2-3 weeks on the market are critical. Therefore, she spends a significant amount of time in the preparation stage to present your property at its best. 

In our case, Susan came over, with notepad in hand, to go through each room of our house explaining what we needed to fix, de-clutter, or pack away. Once completed, this “staging” of our home formed the basis of Susan’s marketing plan. At her own expense, she had floor plans drafted up of our home. She also arrived with a photographer to shoot stills and 360 degree views of our key rooms and exterior (including 360 degree views of key areas of our neighbourhood). Everything was then posted on her website, and the Realtylink & MLS websites. In addition, she advertised our property through the weekly realty newspaper, and flyer distribution. All of this occurred rapid-fire and ensured that our property arrived on the market with a bang. 

Innate business sense

We were feeling a bit apprehensive about the sale of our home because we were listing it in a “soft” market. There were many homes for sale, only a few buyers and prices were falling. However, Susan has years of experience as a realtor and she stays on top of the current trends. She was thorough in her market research and has excellent business sense. We felt that her suggested listing price was bang-on. It was a fair price for both seller and buyer and therefore would generate interest. As a consequence, we received multiple offers in a slow market and completed the sale within 10 days.

Service oriented 

Susan updated us daily and sometimes several times per day, by phone or e-mail, while our home was on the market and responded to our phone messages promptly. She was always available to show our home, and in addition to private viewings, she held 2 open houses for our property on consecutive weekends. From the report she gave us, it was evident that she did not merely sit in our home and hand out fact sheets. In the same way that we felt immediately comfortable with her, the people attending the open houses must have felt the same way, because she had spoken with each group coming through, knew of their background and what they were in the market for. She followed up the next day with any group that had expressed initial interest. In any of her dealings with potential buyers, she never came across as pushy or aggressive. Susan is friendly and easy to talk to. 

The art of negotiating

This is perhaps her greatest strength. Looking back, we see how, with much diplomacy, she helped both parties maintain realistic expectations. At the same time, she was very much on our side and didn’t lose sight of our goal. Acting as a facilitator, she was very professional and maintained a good relationship with all parties involved. Her depth of experience allowed her to point out to us the pros and cons in each potential decision, but supported our final decision without bias. We felt confident in taking her advice and were satisfied with the outcome. It was a quick sale, in a slow market, with falling prices. The final result was a win-win situation for both seller and buyer – the best case scenario.

Beyond the call of duty


We were out of province for almost 3 weeks and Susan stopped by regularly to check on our home. She even watered all our house plants and potted exterior plants.


We had not yet found a house we wanted to purchase and were therefore thinking of renting short-term. Through word of mouth, we heard of a rental property that was coming available. We were still out of province, so Susan kindly offered to meet with the landlord and took pictures of the property and interior to e-mail to us. She gave us an accurate description of the condition of the rental property so that we could decide on whether or not it would be suitable. 

In conclusion

In a day and age when good service has fallen by the wayside, Susan stands out as a shining example. Not only does she give excellent service, but time and time again, she went the extra mile for us. We were made to feel as if we were her only client. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services.

J. Kennedy

Susan was our real estate agent in the sale of our house located in the Marpole area of Vancouver. She did a fantastic job! The house was only on the market for 3 days in mid July 2011. We received 3 offers on the same day. The selling price was very close to our asking price. In addition, the selling price was $110,000 over what a builder offered us just before we put the house on the market.

The transaction was clean and the deal was closed within 30 days. 

I recommend the services of Susan to anyone who is interested in selling their house. 

Yours truly, 

C. Johnson

Good morning Susan,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to express how happy Dennis and I were with the service provided in selling out house and how very pleased I am personally for helping me find and buy the perfect condo. Having much searching you always kept me on track to ensure it was the right place and not "just a place" your guidance and expertise was invaluable.

The service and personal attention we received from you was exceptional and truly what we needed from a Realtor! Susan you are truly a high-calibre and your in-depth knowledge of the local market and your extensive contacts in the community helped us in our search for the right people to purchase our home and the search for my new place. After patiently going through many, many listings and explaining all the details right down to the taxes with us. You made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one!

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Susan Ninow to help you in your life changing move. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process. Thank you so very much it was truly appreciated!

R. Goatham 

Dear Susan 

I just wanted to write a quick letter to thank you for the service you provided in selling the house. As a reference to your future clients I can report that in selling my house your service was professional, prompt and well considered. I especially appreciated how prepared you were and how you continued to keep me and my family posted throughout the entire process. 

I would most certainly engage your services again were we to either purchase or sell another home in the neighbourhood. 

I wish you well for the future and thank you for all your efforts over the past weeks. 

Best regards 

J. & E. Kung

I first met Susan Ninow, realtor with Royal LePage Westside, when my parents asked me to help them find a realtor to sell their house. I researched her online and saw her website and one of the things which struck me was the number of “Sold” signs she had in her listings. I was also impressed with the fact that she has a Bachelor of Commerce in Urban Land Economics from UBC. This was important to me because it meant that she not only had the expertise and experience of selling real estate but that her background was solidly based in the theory of urban land, which I think is very rare in the real estate industry.

Susan Ninow was professional, polite, patient, and smart from the beginning. How many real estate agents provide potential clients with a bound resume to demonstrate their success? I was surprised when she provided documentation to prove her track record as previous realtors had never done so. This showed me that she was earnest, confident, and took pride in her work.

Susan Ninow’s ability and perseverance to negotiate and deal with all types of people (no matter what language they spoke) proved to be extremely valuable as she successfully sold my parents’ house. Her ability to read people was also very valuable because it saved us time and directed us to accept the best offer. Her drive and enthusiasm to sell my parents’ home while maintaining integrity, honesty, trust and confidence, as well as her attention to details and ability to take charge and lead us in the right direction proved to be valuable to the success of the sale of my parents’ home. Although we had multiple offers, she was able to negotiate the best price for us and as a result of her efforts, my parents and I were extremely pleased and relieved that she was our realtor.

Because my parents’ home was not a new home, the inspectors were often very challenging professionals to deal with. Despite the fact that the inspectors were a hurdle to get through, Susan managed to pull through and sell my parents’ home. She was diligent, professional, and patient throughout the whole process. Another example which demonstrates her integrity lies in the fact that Susan Ninow will never collude with other realtors or builders or try to undersell a property below its true market value. She will always have her customer’s best interest and will always follow her customers’ wishes. Her purpose is to get the best price possible. She will never disclose any information unless she has the permission of her customer to do so. Susan Ninow is definitely a realtor that can be trusted. 

Susan Ninow has shown exemplary initiative and earnestness in selling real estate. She is also very knowledgeable with building codes and construction and by-laws as evidenced by her up-to-date participation in professional development initiatives. Her background, experience, and expertise in the field as well as her character and hard work were extremely valuable to the excellent service she provided to my parents. 

Susan Ninow is a true team-player with a genuine “can-do” attitude no matter what the situation may be. Her strong work ethic, honesty, integrity, patience and respect for her customers have won the accolades of my family. We will definitely ask Susan Ninow in the future to help us with all of our real estate needs. We could not ask anyone else except Susan.

Yours Faithfully,

A. Fang & M. Berg

Re: Susan Ninow - An amazing realtor

Angela and I are first time home buyers with no experience and very little money. We were quite hard on Susan, demanding an outrageous size for a super low price, not to mention our packed schedules meant there were few days we could meet with her. Despite this, Susan put in amazing amounts of work for us, arranging showings with sellers who met our criteria, picking us up and driving to all the locations. During the whole viewing process Susan was very patient, using each building we saw to educate us on the dangers that existed. When we finally decided on a place, we felt secure in our decision, knowing the dangers we had to look for.

Once we had decided on a place, Susan put forth an incredible amount of time, staying up late making offers and haggling, then driving out to our current residence. She bargained very hard, pushing the sellers to give a purchase price lower than they were prepared to offer. We continuously received checklists clearly laying out all the steps we had to take and several recommendations that we could choose from for each step of the process. The process was made as painless as possible.

We were not Susan's most important clients, in fact in terms of purchasing power we were at the bottom of the list, yet she still treated us like her biggest sale. Any questions were answered immediately and thoroughly, and she helped us through a very stressful and scary process. Susan is an amazing realtor!

Thank you Susan!!!

Dr. D. Joyce & Dr. M. Limbos

Dear Susan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a fantastic real estate agent and for helping us to find the home of our dreams! Living on the west coast is great in and of itself, but I can’t help but think that if you hadn’t brought us to our current home, life would have been very different. The proximity to the beach, the views of the mountains and water, the serenity of the neighborhood, the proximity to fantastic schools all make us feel like we are living life to the fullest every day. And one thing that is for sure is that we couldn’t have done it without you.

I remember when I first came across your website. I was still in Toronto, far from the west coast, and even further from actually buying a place in Vancouver. I was really just curious, looking at listings, knowing that it would be months if not years before I could buy. This of course was because we hadn’t sold our properties in Ontario yet and would most certainly take up rental for many months before buying in Vancouver would even be considered an option. I came across a listing of yours on MLS that was of interest and sent you an email for some basic information. I had contacted many other agents in the past when looking for homes, and you weren’t the first in Vancouver either. However, when I got your reply I knew immediately that you there was something special about you. You not only provided me with the information I wanted, but rather you followed up with a wealth of information on Vancouver, both general and specific. In our emails that followed, I am sure I disclosed to you my situation and the fact that I wasn’t yet a “serious buyer”. This didn’t stop you at all. Before arriving in Vancouver several months later, I was not only educated on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various neighborhoods of Vancouver, but also had a great feel for the education system, recreation and music opportunities for my children, proximity to major recreational and work areas. In short I felt like I knew Vancouver before arriving.

What made me certain that you were a real estate agent who was going well beyond her call of duty was when you volunteered to do a viewing of some rental properties that we had come across online and couldn’t view in person. Your input and generosity was invaluable and brought us closer to where we are today.

I have to commend you on your openness, honesty and willingness to change paradigms as we went along. We started feeling a little cheap and wanting to try our luck and “low ball” some properties. This didn’t seem to bother you at all. We considered getting in on some fixer uppers and you were open, while still offering us great advice on the pros and cons of our ideas. When we finally headed against all of our initial assumptions, a non-traditional, contemporary, relatively new home near the beach, you adapted to it and helped us to, as you put it, “steal” our dream home in Point Grey.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness, knowledge and warmth throughout the process. This was our fourth home purchase and we always had great agents working for us. But I have to say in all honesty that no one compared to your level of service, professionalism and ability as a real estate agent. 

I look forward to bumping into you on the Spanish Banks while you are walking your dog (as we already have a couple of times!) and again thanks for everything.

Yours truly,

V. Woo and A. Tan

We worked with Susan Ninow when my fiance and I were looking for our first place. She was recommended to us through my coworker as being very good with relationships and understand what you're looking for. The response time is extremely quick and she lets you know if there's something that might cause her to respond with a different time frame. 

When we first met Susan in January of 2020, she took the time to go through her history and success with housing sales. Then it was a series of setting up a system to view listings that were within your scope of what you were looking for. She is very honest and will tell you when something doesn't work out. She has shown clearly that she would rather sell you a good place than make multiple sales with you - it's not about the quick buck for her. An example of this is when we were looking at a townhouse complex where everything was seemingly what we were looking for; she saw that the floorplan had it so that the washroom in a neighbouring unit was up against the master bedroom in the unit we were looking at. This is not something we would have been able to catch as novice home buyers. Even if a place wasn't up to her standards, she would show us listings so we could get an understanding of what was available. 

Susan really took the time to understand us and never handed us off to another person. In a booming market, this meant a lot to us. We heard horror stories of how friends were interested in working with a specific real estate agent only to get punted off to several different team members who weren't all on the same page. Then COVID-19 hit and we went into a period of time where we paused looking for places. Occasionally, Susan would still send us listings to look at. Then one magical day in June 2020, we knew she had sent us the one. She was able to help us through the process of buying a place, from recommending a home insurance broker to a home inspector. 

If you're looking for someone who has the experience, can leverage her network of professional relationships and is direct, then Susan is someone that you'll want to work with. We highly recommend Susan Ninow as a real estate agent. 


T. de Roos

A few years ago Susan was invited to present her sales strategy to my in-law family as they prepared to sell their mother’s estate and residence. Upon arriving, Susan was fully prepared with the latest statistics and comparables for the area. With a very high level of professionalism she presented her ideas for marketing the property and was chosen for the job over two other agents. Susan went on to sell the property in very short order without a hitch and to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved.

When again asked her advice concerning selling our property, Susan presented me with all the pertinent information needed to make the correct decision and delay listing for a few years. I was given a complete evaluation for the property and existing market conditions in our neighbourhood. All very professional and at no cost to us. Clearly there was no income potential for Susan at that time but she felt that she was better serving her client by giving her unbiased advice.

The time came for our property to be placed on the market for sale and Susan was contacted. Again, armed with all the latest facts and figures Susan priced our home correctly and proceeded to work her market magic. She respected our home in such a way that were never inconvenienced by showings, we only had to vacate. She took care of all the rest in every fashion and secured a deal in short order (seven days). No fuss, no muss and the deal was done.

I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to sell their home. She should be your first choice when you want things done right.

S. Yip & K. Lai 

Over the course of our experiences with buying, selling our properties and finding a suitable environment for our children, we have experienced a few real estate professionals, but none are quite like Susan Ninow. 

Have you ever had the desire to sell or buy a home, but felt very intimidated by the whole process of the real estate market and choosing the right realtor? Have you regret choosing a realtor that just wants your listing and nothing more from you? We are thankful to say we found a wonderful realtor that met our needs! 

Susan is very knowledgeable and experienced with the real estate market. She listens to our needs, priorities and desires. Our need was to move closer to the school that our children are attending so that in the future when they are old enough they could walk or bike freely to their school. We did not want to sell our place just to get rid of the property, but rather we wanted to bring in potential buyers that had similar values as us and that would get to love our neighbours just as we did. 

Whether you are selling or buying a home, this process can be highly stressful, time consuming and very disruptive to your family. Susan worked very hard to earn our trust. She scheduled her time to allow us to maximize our busy daily lives with our children and work. She made sure we understood all the legal paper works and processes of selling our home. She took care of us. 

Susan is one rare genuine gem this profession has to offer. No questions are ever stupid to ask with Susan. She managed to sell our house under extremely tight deadlines in a volatile housing market. She spent countless hours helping us plan our home for showings. Her advice on what to discuss with our neighbours and tenants were very helpful to allow us to part with them on happier terms. She even helped arrange for her team of painters, photographers, and cleaners to come and prepare our house for showings. 

All in all, were we satisfied with our experience? That is an affirmative "yes". If we had to do it again, would we choose Susan Ninow? No doubt about it would be a "YES". Susan has been nothing but a true professional. 

P. and L. Levelton

Having just sold our home in a changing market we are most appreciative of the guidance received from realtor Susan Ninow.

Selling your home can be an arduous task, requiring help from a professional who will give good advice and be a calming presence as needed.

We found Susan to be honest and hard working and would highly recommend her.


To Whom it May Concern, 

My real estate agent, Susan Ninow, is an excellent example of professionalism in the real estate field. I was extremely impressed by the level of research and detail that she brought when listing my house for sale. 

Her calm yet precise demeanour left me with the confidence that my house and its subsequent sale, was in extremely capable hands. I was particularly impressed with her level of communication, whether it be by email, phone or in person. 

I will continue to recommend Susan to my friends and family, as well as use her for any real estate transactions in the future. 


S. & P. Malhotra

We are delighted to recommend Susan Ninow as an excellent realtor. She is very knowledgeable about the Vancouver market, and has provided a lot of information about specific areas including recent sales activity and prices to help us make our decision.

Susan has been very proactive and provided great advice with a very balanced view including identification of pros and cons of each property. She has maintained a friendly and very professional approach, and we would strongly recommend her services to all others.

D. and F. Raderecht

We would like to recommend our Realtor, Susan Ninow, to anyone looking for outstanding service and guidance.

Susan has an exceptional work ethic and extensive knowledge of all aspects of her profession. She has a wide network of colleagues and makes herself available at all times. In our recent professional contact with Susan, she successfully arranged the sale of our condominium at a good price. Three years ago she also efficiently handled the sale of our house. We have much appreciated her understanding of our specific situation and her patience and thoughtful counsel. We always felt that Susan had our best interests at heart and we were very satisfied with the results.

We hold Susan in high regard both professionally and personally and would recommend her to anyone looking for a highly qualified Realtor who gets results.


K. Hartley

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, time and effort you put into selling my home. I feel the experience for me was educational in watching a professional at work. I would recommend or have you as agent if another house purchase was in my future.

I can now start “happily” a new chapter in my life.

E. & A. Brown

We cannot say enough good things about Susan’s work for us. We heard about Susan through a business contact whom she had helped purchase his first home. She immediately gave us a thorough listing of what we should be looking for in our future home once she knew where we were hoping to live and what sort of space we were looking for. Susan quickly developed a list of candidate properties for us to visit, and took us on tours of them over several weekends. As we got to know more of what we liked out of the places we had seen, our list was refined down. It was very easy to see when new properties that matched what we were looking for came on the market through the online account she set up for us.

When we finally found our new home, we won a bidding war on it, contingent on a removal of subjects. Susan worked hard to get us in touch with a mortgage specialist who gave us an excellent rate and quick approval, and she gave us peace of mind as we put down our deposit. Not even the onset of the COVID pandemic could stop our closing and move-in, and we are so grateful to Susan for getting us into our spacious new place. If we ever do decide to move, we will be definitely looking to her for assistance!

K. Lin & K. Tse

Susan Ninow comes with our utmost recommendation--she is professional, knowledgeable, focused, and trustworthy. You need Susan on your side. She will help negotiate the best price, whether you are selling or buying. Indeed, she sold our home in a slow market with multiple offers at a price that was the highest ever for comparable homes in our neighbourhood.

We are a young family, with two children aged 3 years and 15 months, who was looking to move “up” from our duplex in Marpole into a detached home. At first it was just a dream--with Vancouver real estate prices reaching astronomical heights, we thought this was not attainable with our modest income. But Susan was able to help us realize our dream.

Prior to contacting and meeting Susan, we knew of her through her great marketing. However, it wasn’t until we experienced her ability to sell a home across our street--after one open house--that we were astonished and knew right then she would be our real estate agent. But in many ways, she is more than just an agent. She will be your confidant and friend throughout the tumultuous experience of selling or buying a home; and in our case, she helped with both!

In our first meeting, Susan presented herself professionally and confidently. She was prepared and presented us with a “welcome kit” containing her CV, sales history, market analysis, and many more documents that illustrate her knowledge and experience. Her ability to communicate effectively and coordinate complex projects was apparent from the beginning. After this meeting, it confirmed our belief in Susan and we entered into a partnership soon thereafter. Moreover, she is great with our kids and very understanding of our family situation.

Susan is a fantastic advisor and helped us present our home in the most attractive and spacious way possible for marketing and for the open house. She brought in a professional team to take accurate measurements and photos of our home to produce marketing materials (e.g., floor plans, 3D virtual tours, pictures, pamphlets) that were peerless. She helped promote the sale of our house using a multitude of channels, including mail adverts, pamphlets at the bank, the REW weekly paper, online, and social media. She was comprehensive, relentless, and in constant communication with us throughout the sale process--no matter the time of day. After five weeks on the market, despite the market being “snowed in” and slow, we received multiple offers. Susan was able to leverage this to extract maximum value. She sold our home without any subjects and above our internal baseline price and appraised value.

Susan continued to amaze us as she helped us to find a detached home. Her knowledge of the various neighbourhoods in Vancouver opened our eyes to unknown “pockets” and steered us away from potential problems down the road. Within a week, we identified a property that had just come onto the market. It ticked nearly everything on our wish list: close to shops, school, community centre, and public transit; mountain views; and quiet street. Susan encouraged us to submit an offer right away--she worked quickly and the contract was submitted within a few hours. The next day, we learned that we were in a bidding war. Susan helped us improve our offer by not only adjusting the contract subjects and price (which was still within our budget), but by also drafting a heartfelt letter directed to the sellers. In this letter, Susan described our family situation and how much we wanted to raise our kids in their home and neighbourhood. In the end, the sellers decide to accept our offer over a competing offer that had a higher price! Moreover, the purchase price was under the assessed value, as well as the value of other similar-sized properties in the neighbourhood.

We are so ecstatic that we chose to work with Susan as our real estate agent. She is without a doubt, in our mind at least, the best agent one can wish for. You will need her experience, knowledge, and ability to read situations and people to close that deal at prices that will bring maximum value! We look forward to working with Susan again in the future.


A. Lun

It is my pleasure to recommend Susan to anybody thinking about their next real estate transaction.

With Susan’s help, I was able to purchase my first home, a condominium. When we first met, Susan took the time to understand my goals, my lifestyle, and what I was looking for in a home. Not being from Vancouver, I appreciated that Susan was extremely knowledgeable about the various communities in Richmond, Vancouver, and Burnaby (my target cities). For example, before we went to view a listing, Susan would brief me about demographics of the community, safety concerns, nearby amenities, and the developer’s reputation. 

My home-buying journey spanned over five months, and Susan was engaged throughout. She never lost patience, nor did she suggest listings that would have had me compromise on my preferences. Susan was always honest with her opinions, never hesitating to point out what she felt were fatal flaws with a property.

Moreover, Susan was always available by phone or e-mail, which was much appreciated in the current market where one has to act quickly.

Being well-connected to the industry, Susan was able to refer me to other capable professionals at every step, from mortgage to conveyance. This helped make the whole process as seamless as possible.

What started as a daunting task turned into an enjoyable process, culminating in me finding the perfect home. I have Susan to thank for this.

J.Lam and D. Cheng

In the past, we have had several listing agents who tried sell our condo. We failed to get any offers and decided to wait for a better time. 

When we wanted to list our condo for sale again, we interviewed several real estate agents. Susan was the most well-prepared and professional agent. We were most impressed with her proposed sales strategy as it was backed by local market research and her wealth of experience. We decided to have Susan help us with our sale. 

With Susan's help, we were able to get multiple offers after only one day of listing. When she presented the offers to us, she was fully transparent and took her time to explain all the salient details of each offer. During the negotiation process, Susan was honest while being able to secure the best offer. 

We are so pleased to have engaged Susan to sell our property. Our experience with her was extremely positive, and we would not hesitate recommending her services to our friends and family. Susan's high integrity and quality of service is refreshing. 

M. & S. MacIntosh

Suzanne and I wish to thank you for your assistance during our recent, successful transition to condominium-based, empty-nesters. As we mentioned earlier, having traced your career over the previous decade, there really was only one name on our selection list for real estate agent and it was yours.

Decades ago, we braved the market unassisted by selling our first condo, and then, buying our family home. However, today’s heated reality differs remarkably from the slower pace of yesteryear. We greatly appreciated having your expertise to call upon throughout this involved process. It allowed us to focus on our chosen lifestyle as we could entrust you to look after the details of business, starting from listing our home through to the chosen “Opens” that we attended together. This allowed us to keep our heads clear and our changing priorities straight which was invaluable.

Thanks, again, for taking such good care of us and seeing us through to our “happily ever after”.

Our kindest regards to both you and Glenn.

Dr. S. Kreitzman 

Dear Susan: 

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your very professional, thorough and successful job of marketing my duplex in Vancouver. The task of selling a home with tenants is never easy, and you handled the myriad details with great tact and effectiveness. 

Please feel free to use this note as a personal reference for any new perspective clients. My recommendation to them regarding the exceedingly high quality of your service is unequivocal. 

Warmly and Sincerely 

M. Johnson

Dear Susan

I just wanted to thank you for handling the sale of my home. From the first time we met until the completion of the sale you made me feel like I was your most important client. Your efficiency and attention to detail is second to none. No wonder you are always in the top 1% of your profession! You were a complete professional in every aspect of the transaction. I tell everyone if you need an agent call Susan!

Thank you 

B. Smith, Vancouver

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home on the Westside of Vancouver you have many options when it comes to choosing a realtor. When my wife and I recently decided to sell our home we wanted Vancouver realtor Susan Ninow to represent us. We chose Susan because we had met her several years before when she was representing other clients. We were very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism then, and she was the first Vancouver realtor we thought of when it came time to sell. Susan is from Vancouver and she knows the local market inside and out because she is experienced, having been selling real estate in the Lower Mainland for many years. 

Susan is the consummate professional, meticulous in her research and not afraid to go to bat for you in real estate negotiations. Thanks to Susan’s marketing strategy our home sold in 12 days for very close to our asking price. We got the price we wanted, and quickly. Whether you are buying or selling, I highly recommend Susan Ninow as your choice for a realtor.

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